Pregnant Mama Panties

Hi beautiful ladies!


I am 8 months pregnant… for the first time! What a wild ride it’s been these past 8 months. It feels like this pregnancy has gone super quickly.  I was really lucky in the beginning to be without morning sickness, though I can say I have my challenges and complications along the way. It’s been a thousand little miracles and a thousand little back aches and I’m almost to the finish line, blessed to have made it so far.  Seriously, I’ve never changed this much physically or emotionally in such a short period of time.  Hubby and I are SO excited to meet our little boy, Leo, in just a few short weeks.  In the meantime, if I didn’t feel that pregnant before… I sure as hell do now.  Boy oh boy, it’s no joke these last few weeks. Girls, can I get an amen?


I’ve been meaning to write this for a few weeks now because I  MUST tell you… and I promise you from my heart that it’s not because I am a CEO of this company. Trust me my partner, Dena, will tell you I am terrible at tooting my own horn:  Our MasterPeace seamless panties are the ONLY panties I can wear right now.


It’s hotter than a billy goat with a blowtorch here in Charleston, South Carolina. I’m also expanding in my hips area and a little bigger everywhere.  I’d say I’m about 2 sizes up from where my bum usually is.  And ya’ll know what it’s like financially to have a baby… I’m not gonna go out and buy a whole new wardrobe, though that would be very nice. Baby needs things like strollers and diapers=) It’s so nice to actually fit in something I already own. 


Here’s why my prego body is loving them.  So I have these medium MP Starry Night panties (from before prego) and I haven’t even needed to go up a size (which is good, because we are sold out of the Large!) The spandex molds right to my body and hasn’t lost any stretch in the wash. Though they do eventually fade because we used eco-friendly dye and I’ve had this pair for over a year now. The hip hugger style is perfect for my expanding hips. The fabric is a cool spandex hybrid that actually breathes. The seamless aspect is actually the most important part to me because my sweet baby Leo is literally laying on my bladder 100% of the time and any added pressure from my pants or panty creates discomfort, especially when walking… especially in 103 degree heat.


If you are a pregnant… you need this.  And to be real, as we are a small company, I’m not sure when we are going to get this style in again. Also… we just sold out of the Larges.  Boo! I also want to say that at a time when I feel my most “swollen” and my body is working overtime supporting the life of my son, it’s really nice to slip these “Starry Night” panties on and remind myself… “I am a masterpiece.  This booty, this big old swollen booty getting ready to bear down and birth somebody… It’s a damn work of art.” If I ever need that reminder… it’s now. =)


Love to all of you sweet mamas out there!




  1.  A note on the starry bralette

I will also say that the bralette is a great option for mamas that are nursing or having sore breasts.  They are sans underwire and have a large elastic band so there’s tons of support.  I am a 32 DDD (a size that my company doesn’t make, lol, but trust me I would have been  ALL over that this year during every trimester)  I also have a dear friend who is a cancer survivor who told me it was the only bra that was comfortable and supportive enough to wear to her chemo treatments. So grateful for that. Hugs to all!


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