Be Fearless & Ferocious When It Comes To Changing Your Life.

Today we are featuring the words of one of our very own MP women.  The brave, the badass, the beautiful, Aradhana Tiwari.  Her latest blog post (below) left us dancing in our living rooms, and giving internet high fives, for her candid truth sharing. Her signature mantra is #DontBeMedium, and we couldn’t agree more. Check out her words below, and tell us how you #LiveOutLoud.
aradhana Written By: ARADHANA TIWARI
Exactly one year ago today I was dying in every way…physically, mentally, emotionally…I felt trapped and utterly broken.
But then I realized that death, was unacceptable.
And so I decided to LIVE.


On May 2nd 2016, I began setting into motion a series of radical changes …many at the time seemed insane to the people around me… but the saying holds true: insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a new outcome.
It was dangerous and it was messy. I broke things. Burned bridges. Threw constructs I thought were important into the ocean.
Today I’m an entirely new creature: INSIDE-OUT. I feel complete and ALIVE. Each day my heart is filled with newfound peace and joy…I’m still a work in progress mind you, but “ my cup runneth over”.
I’m not sharing this to say “yaaaay me”… This is not just another social media shimmy-sham. I’m sharing this in case any of you are feeling despaired, hopeless, or defeated… I want to encourage you to be fearless about changing your life and ferocious about taking hold of it! It may not be convenient or comfortable. You may have to lose some things…say goodbye to people…LET GO.
It’s never too late to redesign your journey. You are powerful and FREE. Embrace your liberty!
Be impossible about dreaming…make magic non-negotiable. NON-NEGOTIABLE.
None of us know how much time we have so DECIDE TO LIVE RIGHT NOW.


You’re not alone. Reach outside yourself. Accept help. There will come a day when you are the one able to give it.
I’m grateful and humbled for the GRACE that’s allowed me a whole new becoming…
With All My Heart & Warrior-Soul,
Want more Aradhana?  I know, we all do.  Check her out here.
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