Art From Ashes

By, Dena Kology

MasterPeace Boutique (Featuring  “Starry Set”)

I am always trying to articulate what MasterPeace means to me, what MasterPeace is trying to do.  To say “you are a MasterPeace” to our customers, can seem idealistic and glib, if I don’t explain the deep roots behind why I need to remind you, why I need to remind myself, daily.

I was sputtering through my rambling explanation when a friend said, “Oh, you mean like kintsugi”….And the clouds parted and the sun shone so bright, because EXACTLY, exactly like Kintsugi!  If you are like me in that moment, and have no idea what kintsugi is, allow me to explain.  Kintsugi is an ancient Japanese art form where artists repair broken pottery and add gold, silver or platinum to the cracks to highlight the imperfections.  The finished product is an object made more beautiful and more valuable because of its’ imperfections.  Kintsugi finds beauty in something broken, and art in something most would deem worthless.  

4. MP SPOTLIGHT on Kintsugi: + picture and link to Dena's Blog

Now, I don’t know about you, but I have certainly felt like a shattered little bowl at certain moments in my life.  In fact, the past couple of years it seemed like everything that could shatter into a million pieces, did.  But standing there in the rubble, that’s when I found my kintsugi, my MasterPeace, my real self worth.  Isn’t it the times when we are humbled and forced to take stock, that we see how strong we can be?  I found myself piecing things back together, and it was then that we decided to dive in with MasterPeace, because if I need a daily reminder that I am a work of art, who else may too?

What I really love about the concept of Kintsugi is the idea of building our masterpiece, one piece at a time.  It gives us the permission to take the skeletons out of the closet and thank each one personally, for making us the kick ass, stronger, more valuable version of ourselves we are right now.  You get to kind of admire each step along the way that has shaped you, to honor it and then step back and admire the finished product. Knowing, that if it weren’t for those missteps, or those struggles, or those tough lessons, we wouldn’t have been forced to grow. 

It’s my opinion that a masterpiece is a product of a long journey.  Every brushstroke of a Van Gogh’s life led up to his painting Starry Night.  If it weren’t for his failed attempts (let’s say “practice”), he wouldn’t have had the muscle memory to paint his masterpieces.  This is true for just about every artist.  So, we chose to look at ourselves in the same light, to give ourselves permission to acknowledge the last brushstroke may not have been our best, but we aren’t stopping there.   Always onward, always forward, piecing together the steps to make our own beautiful Kintsugi of the soul.

I like to think that your MasterPeace goodies in your closet are like Clark Kent’s superman suit.  When you need an extra boost of superpowers, a reminder of your badassery and general can-do-it-ness, put them on. And know that there is an army of love and support behind you, shining a spotlight on the beautiful cracks to remind you how wonderful you are.  And thanks for your vibes on the days I need it too.  



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